Thursday, 20 August 2009


The paper clip is one of the simplest and most effective inventions of recent centuries.
It forms part of our everyday lives without us noticing it.
Even though it is difficult to imagine an office without them, different tasks require a different type of clip.

TENSO brings flexibility to the paper clip. With its rotating wire, the user can gradually apply pressure depending on the amount of paper inside the clip, without damaging the document.
The angled metal sheet helps to keep pages together against a flat surface, making the document look tidier.

TENSO consists of two components that are easy to produce: A metal sheet and a cylindrical wire.
The metal sheet is laser cut or stamped. Then it is reshaped to create a closed U shape. The top end of the metal sheet is rolled to create a cylinder where the wire rotates.
The wire is bent creating a closed U shape as well, which applies pressure on the metal sheet.
Both parts are then assembled and the clip becomes ready to use.

Red Dot Design Award 2009

Prototype process

Prototype in use

Paper clip in use

Range of movement

Increasing the pressure

Releasing the pressure

Arm movement